Undergraduate Medical Education


Undergraduate Medical Education Coordinator: 

Dr. Grace Li


Telephone: 604-679-9967

Mailing Address: 

408-1160 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC



Main Teaching Sites

GF Strong Rehab Centre (address above)

Holy Family Hospital
801 Argyle Street
Vancouver BC V5P 3L6

St. Paul's Hospital
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 1Y6

Vancouver General Hospital
855 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver BC V5Z 1M9

Elective Rotations

A flexible 2 - 4 week rotation is available within the Division, which provides a broad exposure to the field of PM&R. The student may rotate through different inpatient rehabilitation units, one week at a time. There is opportunity to arrange outpatient clinics during the rotation in addition to the ones included at the teaching hospital sites. Students wishing to focus on any particular area in PM&R during the rotation are asked to communicate directly with Dr. Lau.

In addition to the above sites, teaching may occur at other hospital sites for the purposes of consultation work. These may include Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital, Richmond General Hospital, Mt. Saint Joseph's Hospital, SunnyHill Health Centre for Children. Division members also run clinics at various locations within the Lower Mainland.

Application Procedure

UBC students will be advised by the undergraduate medical education office as to the availability of the elective period set for them.

Out of Province Canadian Students Contact:
Ms. Kelly Pegg
Telephone: 604-875-4500
Fax: 604-875-5611
Email address: elective@exchange.ubc.ca

Important: Please plan your electives well ahead of time as the application and licensing arrangements are a lengthy process.

Applications must be received by the Dean's Office at least 12 weeks prior to the planned elective period. For further information about the process, please refer to the UBC website: www.med.ubc.ca/electives.

Once approval is obtained through the Dean's Office, the Undergraduate Medical Education Coordinator of the Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is informed through the Department of Medicine Undergraduate Program Administrator. If the elective can be accommodated, approval of the planned elective is indicated to the student by the Dean's Office.

Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Annual Medical Student Essay Contest

An annual essay contest is sponsored by the CAPM&R for medical students. Entries are encouraged from all medical students in Canada. A prize of $500 is offered for the winning entry. Deadline is February 15 of each year. For more details, please go to the following website: capmr.ca/med-student-essay.htm

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